Jeroen Callewaert

I am a professional with deep expertise in personal development, leadership, transformation, innovation, strategy and business development.


"Making people thrive in life"

We go 100% for your full potential and quality in every domain of life.

Imagik believes in the talent that resides in each of us. And in the power of professionals who invest in themselves to shape their own lives with confidence. We give the best of ourselves every day so that you can take control of your growth. We throw ourselves 100% for organizations in which people can be themselves and thrive. Imagik has a heart for innovators, explorers, go-getters and high performers who want to realize their full potential anytime and anywhere. They want that quality in all areas of their lives.

We offer coaching at the intersection of existence and expertise. We have built up many years of experience. We have extensive expertise in high performance coaching, management (MBA), HR, core talent analysis, career guidance, entrepreneurship, and giftedness. Because professionals who set the bar high and set ambitious goals deserve a coach who authentically reflects these goals.

We approach our coaching from a holistic vision. We do this from the perspective of psycho-energetics: an in-depth study of your full potential, of your vocation. We start from a Coretalents analysis but go further. We go beyond your current competencies and personality. We expose different layers and connect them with each other. With this we help you to embrace who you are. This way you can create the life that suits you!

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